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WSU’s Laboratory Safety Manual coupled with the Chemical Hygiene Plan completed by each laboratory establishes laboratory specific policies and. The Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture will endeavor to maintain the environment and work areas as places free from recognized hazards that could cause serious injury to employees. Department Safety and Health Policy Responsibility A. Safety Committee C. WSU Policies and Procedures. General Safety Rules and Guidelines Hazard Communication Program A.

Safety Policies and Procedures Manual Revision. Sections may include both policy and procedural statements. . The following sections in the BPPM are revised: 50. The following SPPM sections are revised: 6. The intent of the HCP is for all employees to be informed about the hazardous materials in their place of work, to be trained to identify hazardous substances, to learn how to reduce a potentially hazardous exposure, and to learn the correct procedures if an accident exposure occurs. January 1983 Revised January 1985, 1986, June 1995, January 1998.

To report an injury or illness, please visit HRS Workers’ Compensation to begin the process. The BPPM does not include sections that exclusively describe internal central administration procedures or procedures that impact only one or two University units. Procedures are based upon approved University administrative policies and applicable state and/or federal statutes and regulations. Introduction | Table of Contents The Business Policies and Procedures Manual (BPPM) is intended to guide and assist employees and administrators in the conduct of day-to-day administrative functions of the University. It is the policy of this department to maintain an effective safety and accident prevention program.

The manual is the official compendium for all university policies and is regulated by the General Counsel&39;s office. For a summary of the changes, see the BPPM Revision 558 memorandum. 62 Respiratory Protection Program (replaces SPPM 3. Because of the size and complexity of functions and hazards in the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture, safety orientation and training of new employees will be performed at two levels: the general, department level by. The Wichita State University Policy and Procedures Manual is subject to applicable federal and state laws and regulations and the Kansas Board of Regents Policy Manual and the policies and procedures are intended to be consistent with them.

The following SPPM sections are revised: 2. The Department Safety Committee is composed of representatives who are elected to represent six groups within the department: The Committee will serve a one-year term and will be elected each September by their respective groups. 25 Keys to University Rooms and Buildings.

Campus Outdoor Warning System (COWS) COWS. The WISHA General Standards (WACas administered by the Department of Labor and Industries of the State of Washington, the safety and security regulations of WSU Business Policies and Procedures Manual (Chapter 50), as well as the special measures for safety which directly apply to our type of operation, will be complied with for the benefit of all employees in the department. wsu The WSU Safety Policies and Procedures Manual provides a reference for all departments and employees. This document is available for review in the department main office (Johnson 149), in the safety repository area in the department mail room (Johnson 152), or from any Safety Committee member. EH&S is a non-academic service department dedicated to promoting and supporting the university’s efforts to protect human health, safety and the environment.

Degree Change Form Templates; Timeline and Phases; Current Proposal wsu safety policies and procedures manual Status. Check the Safety training video page or EHS for specific training. Duties and Responsibilities; Guides; WSU Manuals; Training Workshops; Faculty Related Forms; Free Speech; Policies and Procedures. The objective of this orientation is to help clarify employee attitudes toward safe work habits and concern for safety in general and to help him/her understand why personal safety is important. 1 Revised 1-08 Reviewed 7-13 Environmental Health and SafetyInvestigating Accidents OVERVIEW The investigation of accidents and near misses is an essential part. Furthermore, this orientation should increase the awareness of accident causal factors, demonstrate department concern for the individual worker, promote the awareness and acceptance of safety rules, guidelines and regulations, present accident prevention as a positive aspect of all activities, and increase the level of communications and wsu safety policies and procedures manual flow of information that pertains to accident prevention.

Hazardous Non-Routine wsu safety policies and procedures manual Tasks F. To this end, the Supervisor, Department Chair, and Department Safety Committee will respond to all safety issues raised by department personnel. Department Chair 2. . EH&S, with the administration, faculty, staff, and students, develops and implements WSU’s safety policies and procedures to establish and maintain a safe and healthy university community. Implementation of the Laboratory Safety Manual/Chemical Hygiene Plan is a critical element in achieving a safe and healthful laboratory environment. Washington State University (WSU) has a commitment to create, maintain and enhance a safe and healthful environment for all individuals associated with the institution, including students, faculty, staff and visitors. Individuals vacating University areas or moving from one campus to another must follow the procedures in Business Policies and Procedures Manual (BPPM) 60.

Safety orientation and awareness programs for new and transferred employees, timely and appropriate training, an employer/employee safety committee, an active self-inspection program, proper work procedures, work place installations in compliance with current regulations and guidelines, and personal protective equipment will be some of the measures utilized to reduce work hazards and unsaf. List of Hazardous Chemicals E. Informing Contractors ENFORCEMENT is not the answer to safety problems–EDUCATION and AWARENESS are the keys that make the difference. Formal safety orientation and awareness training shall be presented to all new and reassigned employees. Accident Reporting and Investigation D. 68 Confined Spaces (replaces SPPM 3. Executive Policy 25 Approved J.

Below are policy and procedures currently going through the approval and verification process. For a summary of the changes and links to the updated section (s), see the SPPM Revision 123 memorandum at:. We recommend all University employees gain familiarity in navigating these resources: The site for Procedures, Records and Forms includes standard forms and the following University manuals: Business Policy and Procedure Manual Employees failing to comply with safety policies and procedures will be subject to timely, corrective or disciplinary action. Safety Committee Representatives F. Safety Policies and Procedures Manual (SPPM) Executive Policy Manual (EP) Board of Regents Policy Manual (BOR) PR&F also administers revisions to WAC 504 (Washington Administrative Code for Washington State University) Other University Policies. Introduction | Table of Contents The WSU Safety Policies and Procedures Manual (SPPM) is the primary publication used by the University administration to distribute safety and health information, directives, policies, and regulations to the University community. 64 Hearing Conservation (replaces SPPM 3. First Aid Training C.

Because wsu safety policies and procedures manual we are a diverse college with employees working in labs, classrooms, farms, fields and offices, a one-size-fits-all safety approach will not work. Introduction and Table of Contents The Executive Policy Manual includes University policies approved by the appropriate governing body of University executive officers. Executive Policy on Emergency Management and Safety Plans. Administrative Systems and Operation; Classroom Safety; COVID-19 Planning; Degree Approval. The faculty member, or assigned designee, in charge of supervising each laboratory and/or work area will have the responsibility of verifying that all containers received for use in the area (1) be clearly labeled as to contents, (2). It takes a bit of effort and planning to ensure we work safely. There is no place in the department for employees who will not follow safe practice. Job Class Requirements.

Comprehensive Table of Contents. Employee Training and Information D. Written and adopted April 1986 The following written Hazard Communication Program (HCP) has been established for the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture to be in compliance with the WISHA occupational safety and health standard WAC. Pertinent disposal practices for hazardous chemical wastes are described in Appendix E of this manual. BPPM – TABLE OF CONTENTS Procedures, Records, and Forms. 01 Introduction / Organization 1. 35 Safety and Security Video and Audio Surveillance–WSU Pullman (new section) 55. Review the WSU Safety Policies and Procedures Manual for more information and instructions on Reporting Accidental Injuries and Work-Related Illnesses (SPPM 2.

Academic Regulations. Washington State University is committed to an all-hazards comprehensive emergency management and public safety plan to encompass all campuses, research stations, and other facilities throughout the state. 56 Cash Awards for WSU Employees. Proper disposal practices for waste glass are described in the WSU Safety Policies and Procedures Manual, Section S4. WSU Safety Policy and Procedures Manual (SPPM) Chapter 2. The WSU Safety Policies and Procedures Manual ( SPPM) is the primary publication used by the University administration to distribute safety and health information, directives, policies, and regulations to the University community. Contact the hazardous materials shipping coordinator. The Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture believes that every employee has the right to derive personal and professional satisfaction from his/her job.

The Safety Bulletin Boards provide locations for communicating safety topics and concerns to WSU CAHNRS employees. The CAHNRS College-Level bulletin board is located in Hulbert Hall in the corridor adjacent to room 305. WSU’s Safety Policies and Procedures Manual documents how WSU intends to provide a safe and productive work environment, conforming to State rules at the University level. Business Policies and Procedures Manual Safety Policies and Procedures Manual Executive Policy Manual. The intent of the program is to prevent accidents and injuries rather than reacting after they occur. The BPPM contains instructions for completing forms and provides detailed procedures for requesting services from University units and external organizations.

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Wsu safety policies and procedures manual

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